Welcome to the Academy

Sacred Geometry is a study of the universal language of truth, harmony, beauty, proportion, rhythm and order.  It is a blueprint of creation, an interface between the seen and unseen, the manifest and unmanifest. It is often described as the Architect of the Universe. 

We weave and combine many aspects of Sacred Geometry, Alchemy, Eco-Design and Deep Ecology, Bio-Architecture, Art, Implosion and the new energy technologies, the Golden Mean Philosophies, Sustainable Environments, Spiritual Practices and Natural Healing, Transpersonal Experiences, the practices of Longevity, Immortality and successful death, Bio-Feedback and much much more.

If you truly wish to master your understanding  of the Universe, and the potential you have to play in the process, you should seriously consider doing these trainings. Be on the cutting edge of the new growing awareness, technology and science of consciousness, and the alchemy of design. We can reveal to you some of the closest kept secrets and insights humankind has developed over thousands of years of existence.

Academy Sacred Geometry Webinar Series

Tuesday, October 11, 2016 - 7:00pm to Tuesday, November 15, 2016 - 7:00pm

A series of six sessions, hosted by Roger Green, Director of the Academy Sacred Geometry.

Each week, Roger will interview a new expert of Sacred Geometry, for 60 mins with 30 mins devoted to your questions, a total of 90 mins (approx.)

Some of the most experienced teachers in the world in applied Sacred Geometry to the Arts, Design and Architecture, cutting edge technologies and advanced physics, will guide you in developing a “big view’ holistic understanding of the cosmos you live in.

Never before has there been such a line-up of so many dynamic teachers in a webinar format